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Welcome to my website!

I am in the process of adding a third speicality to my practice-- the treatment of our first responders--so I am updating my website to include this very important, critically underserved but deeply appreciated group. ūüíē

Chera Portrait

Hi, I am Chera Sabankaya, nationally board certified and state-licensed mental health clinician (Oregon & California). I help three specific groups with with specialized needs in our rural community. Since 2011, I have focused my practice on helping individuals with gender dysphoria. In 2016, I participated in PsychArmor military culture training in order to begin helping our veterans through the Choice Program (now CCN). In early 2021, I became aware of the lack of psychological support for our local first responders, so I began the First Responder Certified Counselor program to provide much-needed crisis and cumulative trauma support for our law enforcement, fire fighters, EMS, dispatch, and hospital ER personnel.

These three groups may not have much in common in terms of culture or clinical complaints, but one thing they do share is the highest rate of deaths by suicide for untreated psychological pain. As a clinician, I was deeply troubled to discover all three of these specialized populations were completely unserved within hundreds of miles radius of our rural community, so I concluded it was a good investment of my efforts to develop competence regarding their distinct cultures and clinical needs as well as advocating for the needs of these groups by way of giving talks to upcoming psychology and criminology majors, who, like me, were not told about the needs of these groups in the university.   

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Spirit and Logic...

I call my approach to counseling "Spirit and Logic," with Spirit representing my compassionate belief that no living being is innately bad, and Logic referring to my duty as a caregiver to continually educate myself and my clients on the developing science of the body/behavior-mind/thought connection.

My job as your counselor is to listen to you and support you. The time you spend at our sessions is your special time--a safe space for you to relax and get in touch with what's going on inside of you. We will work together as a team to help you explore and face the barriers that prevent you from finding happiness. The great thing about counseling, which separates it from talking to friends or family members, is that I will not judge you no matter what you have done or what you tell me. Think of me as a set of supportive eyes, a friend or life coach who listens to what you have to say (and don't say) without getting emotional or telling you what you should do about it. In fact, it has been the case that simply providing my clients a safe, supportive place to vent their frustrations has been tremendously healing for them. Often, it helps for them just to say their thoughts out loud so they can hear themselves think without self-sensoring and getting back in touch with their own inner intelligence, their gut feelings, allowing them to discover their own solutions in this way. In this sense, I fully believe the client is the true expert and the client has within him or her the wisdom and strength needed to solve any problem.

Even if you've never tried counseling before, I suggest you give it try with me. It does not mean you are crazy, weak, or mentally ill and even one session has the potential to open up new horizons for you.

Disclaimer: I am in the process of building this website. It is my hope that you will explore what I have written thus far and check back at a later date to watch the site develop. I am excited about this website and want you to know that I am working diligently to make it pleasant and informative.

Thank you for visiting my site.
Most Sincerely,

Cheralynn Sabankaya, NCC, LPC, LPCC

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Do you, your child, or someone you know feel like a different gender on the inside but not know what to do or where to go for help? Do you wonder if these feelings are the result of being gay, transgender, gender fluid, a cross-dresser, a victim of sexual abuse, or just going through a phase? 

If you or someone you know is experiencing gender dysphoria and needs someone to talk to, maybe I can help. Using Person-Centered counseling and other evidence-based theoretical models, including hypnotherapy, I help individuals, couples, families, and groups of all ages shrink the gap between the way they feel on the inside and the way they live on the outside. While the thought of reaching out for help may seem frightening, trust me when I say how much richer life and relationships become when we begin to live our lives as our true selves.

Fortunately, mental health professionals like me have devoted our careers to studying gender identity development, and we collaborate with endocrinologists and surgeons to integrate client gender identities, inside and out. We have taken an oath to serve as advocates and agents of change to educate and normalize the experience of our clients to other care providers and members of the community.

Need other types of education or support?

I am ready to start support groups for those seeking to improve relationships with their gender-variant partners, children, friends, and loved ones. I am also happy to provide educational services for groups of all types, including employers, managers, employees, teachers, students, medical professionals, other therapists, members of law enforcement, etc.

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If you judge people,
you have no time
to love them.
‚ÄĒ Mother Teresa

       Here I am on horse-client "Cobi," formerly abused show horse after
just 10 hours of "horse therapy"


Tel/Voicemail: (530) 419-6118
Toll-free: 1 (888) 889-3125
Toll-free fax: 1 (888) 231-3855

Cheralynn Sabankaya, NCC, LPC, LPCC
Spirit and Logic, Inc.
12125 N. Old Stage Road
Weed, California 96094



Ashland Office

542 Washington Street Suite #201
Ashland, Oregon 97520

Ashland Office Photo

Just off HWY 5, the first turn on Washington Street, parking lot is the first left, building is last one on the right in the center of the medical park. Free unlimited parking.


Mt Shasta Clinic

110 Castle St
Mt Shasta, California 96067

Just take the central Mt. Shasta exit off HWY 5, go past the Rite Aid store and take the second left onto Castle Street, the clinic is at the sharp curve just before the NAPA Auto Parts store.


Sabankaya Ranch Photo

12125 N. Old Stage Road
Weed, California 96094

The ranch is 1/2 mile down Old Stage Road just off from the Stewart Springs/Edgewood Exit on Hwy 5.


Love is... quote


Chera Sabankaya, MS, NCC, LPC, LPCC

Adjunct Professor/Summa Cum Laude Graduate of Southern Oregon University
Masters in Mental Health Counseling

National Certified Counselor #284936

Licensed Professional Counselor (OR) #C4220

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (CA) #4406

WPATH & Veteran's Choice listed provider

EIN # 45-2970938 

NPI #1477814184

Tel 1 (530) 859-3155

Fax 1 (888) 231-3855




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